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MerPerle Hon Tam Resort

MerPerle Hon Tam Resort

It takes 10 minutes to transfer from mainland to Hon Tam island, Hon Tam is well-known as “a small paradise” thanks to its pure beauty and its charming location in a peaceful sea blessed with warm sunshine and melodic breezes all year round. MerPerle Hon Tam Resort surrounded by a sparkling sea and more than one kilometer of white sandy beach that stretches out and join in perfect harmony with the tropical forest, MerPerle Hon Tam Resort – 114 rooms has long been a holiday site that is fond of by the loving hearts and last forever in memories of those seeking for eco-tourism combined with a resort lifestyle or a wedding by the beach.

Inspired by the terrace architecture, the MerPerle Hon Tam Mud Bath was designed in an open space of over 16,000 m2 with a great offer of various service options set available around a regulating pool in green premises which certainly create the most enjoyable moments upon entering. This biggest complex for mud bath on island in Viet Nam would be a plus to fulfill your trip holiday to Hon Tam island.

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Hon Tam island – Nha Trang
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